Nalin Perera, proprietor of Perera Design

Since its establishment in Sydney by Nalin Perera (right) in 1982, Perera Design has been dedicated to the creation of strong functional design that meets the brief and the needs of the client, at a realistic cost.

Through decades of changing architectural design and practice, the essential principle of creating highly habitable internal and external spaces for Australians has remained at the core of our approach to design excellence.

Whether commercial or residential, for each project Perera Design brings together a reliable, flexible, forward-thinking team of professionals across multiple disciplines. Our teams collaborate in smart hubs using the latest design technology.

Over hundreds of projects for a broad range of clients, we have evolved the view that the client/architect match is a mutual one, and this has indeed proven to be best practice for both us and our clients. We know that the best results for all stakeholders are delivered by clear goals supporting excellent outcomes for calm, confident customers.

We also provide investment in residential development based on the vertical integration of the delivery team that matches the investment profile of each investor.

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