The 24th Lane, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The project

Located in suburban Colombo, Sri Lanka, the 24th Lane will be transformed into a contemporary tropical hotel-style accommodation empowering local female students to seek out safe, comfortable accommodation during their studies.

Absorbing and respecting local aesthetics, we have generated a design language that’s reflected within the configuration of the internal spaces, enhanced natural light and ventilation flows. Each of the generously proportioned rooms features its own en suite.

This design concept, complete with solar power and recycled materials, is a comprehensive response to a market niche that will ensure project success.

The business model

Assisting a local investor, we identified a particular gap in the accommodation market which welcomed the re-purposing of an existing building into premium accommodation.

Located close to major universities and learning institutions, the 24th Lane presents an ideal opportunity to provide dedicated multi-room accommodation for female students.

 Managing the project remotely but prioritising the engagement of local builders and craftsmen, we estimate the project to be completed within approximately 28 weeks.

We anticipate that the 24th Lane will be accepting student bookings from as early as January 2021.

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